Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hosting to the Mosting

You can look at a troupe and see them for what they are and judge them for their improv they put up on stage. There's countless rules to remember while you're improving- don't put your hands in your pockets, invent don't use your real life, yes-and, and so on and so forth. But there's a hidden art that lies within each show that improv troupes do. SOMEONE'S GOTTA BE THE HOST!!!!!

Hosting a show is scary if you're doing it for the 1st time. It also can be boring if you're doing it for the 1,000th time. So how do you make your hosting experience enjoyable for both you and audience? Well maybe you should take a look at 
And to preface this, I will just say that these are good ideas and basic techniques... once you find a hosting style that suits you best, you can choose to ignore or poop on these guidelines. Also, even though I'm writing these, I don't always find myself adhering to them either. Cause i mess up a lot.

1. Loosen Up Beforehand- Nothing looks more awkward or weird to an audience than someone who is really stiff up there. There is a certain advantage (I've found) to literally shaking yourself and jumping around before going out to host. Even though you may look like a goon jumping around up there, it exudes energy, which is what you want to get the audience to feel for the team. Which brings me to the second rule...

2. ENERGY- You're the frontman for the troupe that you're on. When you're talking, no one else is looking at anyone else. So MAKE THEM want to pay attention to you! Run on stage yelling, clapping, and moving around.  Cause chances are that unless you have the perfect audience, they're gonna need a little kickstart before the show starts. You need to act like this team is the best group in the WORLD and that the audience is the best audience ever conceived. So put on a smile, and give them a metaphorical Red Bull to the face.

3. Speak Loudly/Clearly- This is most especially important in short form shows, because you're talking more than in a longform piece, but if you don't talk loud enough, or articulate enough, the audience won't know what's going on. That puts a big damper on their enjoyment of the game/ piece, when they're trying to understand what's going on. I was always told in my theater experience in high school, to speak loud enough for an old lady in the back of the room to hear you. So do that. Make sure Nana Ingrid hears you.

4. Don't Rant- There is a time and a place for monologues, and I'd say that hosting isn't one of them. Chances are the audience isn't there to hear you blab about the next game, or one time that you and your friend Roger ate a whole box of Hot Pockets, but they're there for the TEAM. To see some IMPROV!! So concisely explain the game, clearly act for a suggestion and don't dilly dally. They want the funny.

5. Be Confident Be Yourself- Believe me. It's an improv show. Nobody will walk out if your hosting isn't stellar. They will not boo you off stage. The best way I've found to host is to just run out and be a louder version of myself. The audience can feel that you are being genuine, and they appreciate that. If you believe that you are going to do a good job, you probably will.

So there you have it. 5 simple guidelines! I'm sure there are more, but right now I can't think of many good ones, and I have a test that I'm procrastinating for. I mean preparing for. 

So thanks everybody! You've been a great audience tonight! Drive safe and we'll see you next week! Goodnight! 


p.s. this picture is random. But awesome/adorable.

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