Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Place at CIT

Hey there everyone! Jordan here talking about the weekend DeBono just had in Indianapolis. As some of you may know (and as some of you are about to find out) DeBono travelled to the College Improv Tournament Lower Midwest Regionals this past Saturday (Feb 16th) to compete in a nation-wide improv competition. I'll give you the skinny on our weekend.

We left at about 5 pm on Friday and drove to our hotel. The trip was fun, we had a mix of songs that everyone got to contribute, too. Actually, hearing those songs really made me realize what musical diversity we have in our group. It can only be a good thing :) After checking in, we met up with our sister, Spicy Clamato, to grab some late dinner at Steak and Shake in what should have been an hour-long affair. I won't get into it, but finding/being turned away from/finding another S&S was a maddening experience.

MOVING PAST THAT, we played a staple group game that night called "Things" where one person names a category like "What's the first thing you would do as president" and then everyone answers on a piece of paper, and the category-guy has to guess whose answer was whose (also could be played as a drinking game!). After that we were tired and slept (mostly) the rest of the night away.

The NEXT day, Saturday, was the big day. Arrived at noon for an all-teams meeting about the day's format. DeBono was in the first round of 4 at 1 pm. We did REALLY well with the suggestion of "Ketchup", and using a new opening we developed, we created a wonderful story about a food critic and a newlywed couple. Our performance was good enough to advance us to the finals round at 10 pm! SO PUMPED!!

We spent the rest of the day resting, watching all the other rounds of improv and eating dinner. To be brutally honest... it was hard to watch so much improv. To quote Liam from Spicy Clamato "I'm watching this improv, and I know its funny... but I'm just not laughing. I feel like a dick". Yes Liam. Pretty much.

10 pm rolls around and after a light meal of chicken and waffles, we headed back to Comedysportz for the final round! Everyone did great, although I think everyone's afternoon set was better (a long day of improv and energy can really take it out of you). Our second suggestion was "Ice cream scoop" and we rocked a tasty jam about an Ice cream shop in the desert. Fantastic job. Everyone else gave great sets! And we ended up getting second place! SO PROUD!

So on to some shoutouts: Thanks so much to the members of DeBono! You guys rocked the house! Spicy Clamato, we had a great set, and I had so much fun doing improv with you fupas! Shoutout to Improv Mafia on winning the regional, you truly are amazing improvers :) And finally, a big thank you to CIT Producers Keith and Ricky, along with the rest of the team, and Comedysportz theater for being such great hosts!

That's all for now! Make sure to keep/start coming to our shows... I hear rumors of some crazy stuff coming up in the near future... ;)

MUCH LOVE! - Jordan

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