Tuesday, February 10, 2015

... And We're Back!

Whoa, are you reading this? Good. After a long break of not using our blog, we are back to update you on all things DeBono! First things first, we need to plug our social media cocktail in the most organic way we can... by directing you straight to it:

INSTAGRAM: @debono_improv

Follow them all! Don't worry, we'll wait. Here's a picture what happens when you Google "idle cat":

THANKS! Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about who is actually on the team! 

Our current President, Ethan Robish, is a senior who is super smart and nerdy - I think this picture shows that perfectly.

It's pretty unfair to write an amazing biography about myself, so why not exploit it! 
I, Terrance Rogers, am the MOST AMAZING member of the team! EXTREMELY talented, DEVILISHLY handsome and APPROPRIATELY modest are just a few of the everyday descriptions I get!  

Next, is our resident Ginger and the jolliest of us all, Addison Boyd. Ladies, this man is aspires to be a doctor. Feeling a little ill? I be you are!

No improv team is complete without the star singer and performer. James Koh, unfortunately, is the closet thing to that description we've got. Currently starring in our school's production of Avenue Q, James is an awesome team player and great singer! 

Singers are important on musical team, but as past DePresidents have said, "we are an improv team first"! Blake Quinlan brings groundedness (not a word, #yolo) and strong relationships to every scene he is in. Although he may not be the strongest singer, he definitely knows his improv basics.

We can't do musical improv without the music, and we definitely have a powerhouse player on the guitar. Lily Katz, Sophomore, has only been on the team for two semesters but can hold her own as the DeBono "Jukebox" pumping out toe tapping hit after hit!

Every year, we add new victims... I mean... cast members to our team to keep the shows fresh, engaging and fun; but, mostly because people on the team have graduated. Anywho, we have FOUR new additions this year that have grown more than we could have ever expected and are crazy hilarious! The best part? They are all Freshmen! (Or, Fresh-people; We are progressive!)

Welcome Erin Blaber

Michelina Boehmer

Jonathan Randich 

and Sophie Rodgers

Thanks for taking the time to get to know the faces of DeBono! What's next? COME OUT TO A SHOW! We have bi-weekly shows at the Illini Union's Courtyard Cafe at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! We perform with our sister team Spicy Clamato at 7PM for FREE! Keep a -- patient eye on this blog for more in depth updates about the team! 

We are super excited for this semester, and cannot wait to see you at our next show! 

Livin' on a Prayer,

-Terrance Rogers    

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