Tuesday, November 15, 2011



DeBono is having a show tonight at FAR residence hall at 7 PM for all you UIUC students. Methinks it's free, so come on in and enjoy some fresh-thinkin' musical comedy!

I realize that although a lot of you who enjoy us might be from UIUC, that not everyone is... So I thought I might give you an insider's view about some places at the University of Illinois. And how we... DeBono... feel about all this stuff.

This is the Alma Mater Statue. It shows one guy holding out his arms, and two guys (can't really see it) behind him shaking hands, probably in agreement to kill this other guy who's blocking them. We're struttin our stuff with our Halloween show costumes. Hell ya. We pass it every Monday after our show on our way to.....

MURPHY'S PUB! A quaint little Irish pub on Green St. that we frequent. It's a fun time to be had by all, and we're always there with friendly faces willing to have a friendly drink with anyone at all!! 

Here is our beloved Union on the Main Quad. It's a huge building tons of students use to hang out, as well as collaborate wise minds, debate important topics, and bowl. It's also where we DeBonians perform, at the Courtyard Cafe! Every monday at 8, like clockwork it is! Like Yoda I speak.

Anyway, I think that is all for now. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. Enjoy this weather (60 degrees in November) or enjoy whatever weather you have wherever you're from. Because we love you, too =]

Love -DeBono

p.s. here is a man with a ridiculous moustache for your enjoyment.

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