Friday, December 2, 2011

The CHAUNCEY show!

Well hello all!

My apologies for the delay in postings....or any sort of entertainment of the like....but here ya go!

But first, a tid bit o' news from DeBono to all ya'll...

For the past couple of months, we have been practicing and performing for all sorts of audiences in preparation for a little thing called the college improv tounament.

It's a sweet get up that features several regional competitions throughout the country. Finalist teams are selected for each regional and are sent away to (who knows where....) the national tournament.

Ladies and gents, let me assure you that DeBono is an even stronger competitor this year. Last year, the team was given the opportunity of the wild card slot in the national tourney and even though we didn't make it to nationals, we are coming back, this time with a VENGEANCE! WE"RE OUT FOR BLOOD!! 

nah, i's just be kiddin' 

(actually, the winners of the wild card slot and the overall tourney were totes worthy, so congrats!!) If you want to check out the tournament a little more on your own time here's a link to the webpage.

but for serious now, DeBono is super excited to be participating at CIT this year and we'd love to have tons of support from our fans that view our page!

So, without further ado, some videos.

This show featured an alumnus of DeBono: Paul Casperson....better known as Chauncy....erm....Chauncey....uh....Chaunsy?  Chansey???? who knows.....

Anyway, for this set we performed the usual Freeze and Beatbox. However, this time, because we had an alumn on the stage, we chose to do a form of improv called an Armando. I'm not gonna 'splain it to you b/c it's defined under that nifty little hyperlink. :)

A shout out to Paulcey....(ew, that sounds like a disease....keeping it.) for coming down from the windy city to chill/play with DeBono. We had a blast (from the past! (oh, i'm so witty(ha, parentheses inside parentheses)))

Chauncey show - 11/21/11
Host - Simeon Tzolov
Beatbox conductor - Jaime Lemens
Guest performer/monologist - Paul Casperson

side note: sorry about the funky camera angle.....we're getting a new camera soon! :)

Beatbox - suggestion: Seashell

Freeze - suggestion: Furby

The Armando - suggestion: Diner

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