Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amy's Last Show


It's been a while, has it not? Well, if you don't frequent this too often, yes, it has been a while since out last post. As odd as it may sound, we are actually a student-run group at that good ol' university of illinois...soooooooo

we had finals


but all that aside, I am sure you have all read Amy's beautiful, heartfelt goodbye post earlier this month*coughREADIFYOUHAVENTcough* excuse me, well, this post here features Amy's final show with DeBono, and as much as we hate to say goodbye to one of our most senior members of the team, we couldn't have had a more cooky, more fun final show. :)

but, before i unveil the goods lemme walk you through some pictures

 like an old granny would of her grandchildren

or your best friend would after their vacation. 


you'll actually LIKE looking at these photos :)

And now, without further ado....our final show of the year, semester and with the Great Amy Leahy! :)

Host - Michael Gaschler
Beatbox conductor - Jordan Lange

BEATBOX - suggestion: sunglasses

FREEEEEEZE - suggestion: zombies

THE DeBono MUSICAL - suggestion: evil lair


Oh, and thanks to santa, we've raised some money for a spankin' new CAMERA!!! woo! so hopefully our videos will be a touch better. 

have a dandy new year! celebrate it right and tell your friends about DeBono! :)


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