Sunday, April 22, 2012

Malignant Humor Festival and a Story Box

Hi there, Jaime here!

This past weekend was a blast and a half! Our sister team, Spicy Clamato, hosted the annual Malignant Humor Festival. Performing with us Friday and Saturday night were UIUC's titanic teams On a Stick, PK BARNJM, and Quest for the Swivel Hip, Red Light School District from UIC, 8th Floor Improv from Ohio State, Ad Liberation from the Purdue area, 45 Kings from Loyola, Improv Mafia from ISU, Tricky Mickey from Chicago, and The Other Other Guys from Chicago. Overall, a big thank you to all that performed!

DeBono had a fantastic set based on the suggestion "haunted house". Everyone on the team brought their A-game and we put out a fabulous show. Unfortunately, I do not have the video of the set right now, but Kimi's dad recorded the show, so hopefully, I can put that on this here blog soon!

(Just so you know all of the hyper links bring you directly to each team's facebook page!)

So, to fill the video void, I have a bit of one of our rehearsals from a few weeks back.

We have been trying out a new game called story box. It is very similar to the beat box but instead of having each person add their own sound bite to the beat box, each person  continues a story sentence by sentence.

The suggestion for this was lobster bisque. Oh, and when Simeon asks for the appendix, watch Michael's reaction. It's gold.



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