Thursday, April 5, 2012

What We've Been Up To

DeBono has had a long and prosperous week. We spent Wednesday the 28th of March gearing up our 25-minute mini-musical. We had to be in practice and ready to go on Friday for our awesome trip to Chicago! We performed with our new friends Clown Car To Sicily, shown below.

They are beautiful people.

We, uh, didn't take a group photo in Chicago. We were busy!

As a group, we had a fantastic show. It was set in a Mustard Museum. We also got to hang around afterward and play Musical Freeze with the cast of Clown Car To Sicily as well as some audience volunteers. A few of our members even had their own adventures in the Windy City!

Simeon spent Friday night making up a song. It's called Sticky Situation! We'll have to record it for you. We spent a good part of the car ride singing it.

Jordan took the rest of DeBono on an a capella adventure! He had several a capella CDs sitting around in his car. He knew all the words to everything.

Nick asked every passer-by in Chicago what the best band is. The three non-sarcastic/profane responses he received are as follows, in order of how strongly the person felt about them:
1. The Beastie Boys
2. System of a Down
3. N*Sync

Wow! Chicago has such a diverse taste in music!!

Anyway, while we were hanging out with Clown Car To Sicily we had a musical epiphany, so we promptly came back and brought as many musical instruments as we could to practice. Our practice this Wednesday contained a bunch of cool stuff.

1. Acoustic/electric guitar (named Darnielle Kimberly) and an amp, played by our beloved and sometimes frightening Julie Brady.

2. A keyboard! This was a first for DeBono. It was played by our resident Pokemon master Kimi Arquines.

3. Vocal warmups directed by our most vocal member, Jaime Lemens!

4. Finally, Jordan brought his cajon. If you don't know what a cajon is, it's this.
It's for drumming on. It makes cool noises.

Nick, Jordan, Jaime, and Kimi all took turns playing the cajon. It was great fun!

We can't wait to show you all the cool stuff we've been working on. See you on Every Monday at 8pm at the Courtyard Cafe in the Union!


PS we are so sorry for how campy this post is

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