Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Season, New Opportunities

Hey there, comedy lovers!

It's us, DeBono, again, and we're back for another great year at the University of Illinois! It feels good to be back on campus, now that everyone has drinking... er... syllabus week under their belt, it's about time to fall into your semesterly routine!!!! Go to classes on Monday-Fri. But skip that class on Tuesday morning since lectures are online and its always so crowded and smells bad. What? The prof started taking attendance? Well better start going to that.  Don't forget to go to lunch with your best friend from high school on Wednesdays at noon. Only blow him/her off if you have a lunch date with a hottie you met at that bar/party/gas station/Labor Day BBQ. Don't forget to text your friends every Saturday afternoon to know whats going on tonight. On Sunday do HOMEWORK LIKE CRAZY. Damn... back to monday.... oh wait... not damn...


Seriously people, make it a part of your routine. We're not just saying that cause we want to rack up attendance numbers, we want to see you, too! And many of us can speak from personal experience, (me included) even being outside the group and going to these shows is a huge stress reliever. Show your pretty little faces up at 8 PM at the Illini Union Courtyard Cafe for DeBono, or at 7 PM to see Spicy Clamato, too (and you should they're fan-flippin-tastic). Theres no fee, because its absolutely free. Just be at the Courtyard at 7! I even took the trouble to draw you a map:
Know how long that took me? 2 hours. Yeah. But we did it because we care about you guys (and now you owe me 2 hours back in Improv-Audience form) I did that with a trackpad, too. My wrist thanks you.

Oh my, I'm so imbarrased. Even more embarrassed that I started spelling it with an "i" and then just kept going because I dont bullshit. I keep it real. Anyway, I'm embarrassed that I didn't even explain what improv IS! Ok well have you seen those shows like SNL, Whitest Kids U Know,  MAD TV, All That? Yeah we're not like that. We're do those same kind of sketches except if we had no prior preparation or costumes or props, but we're better! Oh, crap... well that didn't make it sound very exciting... let me put it another way.

If you and a group of your friends are at dinner and lets say your funny friend Sid tells a joke. Everyone laughs! Wow that was funny! But Amanda thinks it's so funny that she spurts milk out her nose, and that makes everyone laugh even harder, busting a gut and crying from laughter. Its a good feeling. Now the next day your friend Josh (who wasn't there) asked what you did, and you say "Omg Sid told this joke, and then Amanda shot milk out her nose!" The thought of it makes you laugh, even now. But Josh is not amused.... he doesn't find that too funny. You say" Oh... I guess you had to be there."

Improvisational comedy is the "You had to be there" of the comedy world. Everything else like tv shows, movies, sketches, even comedians have their material written out before they perform, and it usually is quite hilarious! But IMPROV COMEDY thrives on the pure spontaneity and quick-wit of the moment. YOU the audience get to be part of the show! We'll ask you for suggestions and set an entire piece/musical off of that suggestion! No scripts, no blocking, but pure hilarity and entertainment. Trust me, just go to at least one show and you will no regret you did. I'm sure you'll be comin' back for more every week. What's even more... is that DeBono combines all that stuff... and throws it into a big Musical Stew. Like Wicked if they had just met and said... "oh crap.. Um. Oz! A 1-2-3-4...!"

Since this post is getting rather lengthy, I'll get right down to my last point- If you think that improv and musicals and singing are things you may be interested in (or even just interested in 1 of them) please audition for our troupe! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We love people trying new things, and its often worked out for the best :) All the info you need is here https://www.facebook.com/events/435067116535271/ but meet east outside Gregory Hall at 7 PM on Wed 9/5/12 (weather permitting) and we'll move inside from there. I'll even draw you another map:
That one? That took 5 hours. Mmhmm. You're welcome.

So hope to see you all at the shows and auditions! It is GOOD to be back, people!

~Jordan of DeBono

TL;DR Free Monday Improv. 8 pm Union. 
Auditions- Wed 9/5/12 7 pm at Greg Hall. 
Improv+Musicals= Genius

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