Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Team!

Hello EVERYONE! DeBono is back and better than ever! We are pleased to present the team for the 2012-2013 school year. We have two great new members: David Naber and Terrance Rogers. If you want to get to know these two studs in person, then make sure to check out the show OCTOBER 24TH!! This will be the first show where the new guys are performing.

As a reminder, DeBono performs every Monday night at 8 o'clock in the Illini Union's Courtyard Cafe. Tell your friends! Tell your mom! Tell the squirrel you just passed on the quad!

So, without further ado... We present DeBono!

Jordan Lange-
Jordan Lange is an old coot and wishes to be left alone. His hobbies include improv, night terrors, and cloud-yelling. He wants to be a doctor when he gets out of college, but the stress might kill him first. Secret super power: Carrying immense amounts of groceries at once. Kooky fact: He once lifted an entire school bus full of children above his head for 4.5 seconds (the strength of a mother is unfathomable). It is his last year here on DeBono so stop by Murphy's and buy him a drink.

Jaime Lemens-

Jaime Lemens is a pre-med senior studying molecular and cellular biology with a music minor. She has been on DeBono since the spring of 2011. She is a proud owner of two, adorable pet rats named Heidi and Pepper. Her go-to food is pizza (topped with sausage, onion, green pepper, and spinach!), but she also loves fine dining and breathing. Jaime enjoys improv, autumn, singing, rain storms, the color green, the book "Life of Pi", and virtually everything having to do with football (GO PACK!). Her most recent obsession aside from her rats has been the T.V. series Doctor Who. 

Brendan Sweeney-

Brendan "B-Sweets" Sweeney is Debono's most senior member. This is his fourth year on Debono. He serves as minister of hand-hitting. Brendan enjoys performing one-man improv and stand-up in addition to performing with his team-mates on Debono. He is pre-law, majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy. Brendan hopes to keep a place for performing comedy in his life after he graduates. He is a strong admirer of shamrock shakes, scallops, and tiramisu. His three favorite animals are: 1.) Bear, 2.) Moose, 3.) Lynx in that order.

Clare Cutler-
Clare cutler has been on debono for 3 years and its like she won't even shut up about it. She is a junior studying urban and regional planning while minoring in landscape studies. 
With these degrees Clare aims to get closer to her
 plan of creating wilderness like "jungle cities" where she can employ her finely honed survival skills and reign over the meek. Clare is the only member of debono to be implicated in both the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the Roswell incident of 1947. Clare's singular flaw is that she sometimes drools in her sleep, but she's working on it.

Nicholas Dietrich-

Nicholas Dietrich is a 24,000 year old etherial being composed of pure positive energy. His invisible guiding hand has shaped the course of human development over several millennia by means of subtle suggestion and seemingly insignificant interventions. Though his wisdom transcends the need for language in its entirety, he speaks primarily in atonal song and slant rhymes. This is his third year as a member of DeBono Improv.

Julie Brady-
Even though the existence of Julie Brady is doubted by those who claim to be backed by "hard facts" and science," eyewitness accounts seem to indicate that there is, in fact, such a person, and that she has much less body hair than Bigfoot. Although the veracity of these claims is dubious, those who profess knowledge of the subject assert that she knows more about baseball than them, has an unhealthy love for horror stories, and wants to major in Cats. She allegedly plays guitar for DeBono, in addition to being a third-year member of Potted Meat Sketch Comedy and the Titanic Players team PK BARNJAM. 

Kimberly Arquines-
Kimberly Arquines, a.k.a. Kimi, a.k.a. Who are you and what are you doing in my house?, is a hot mess and too turnt up. Her favorite word is "ratchet" and if you don't know what that means then something is clearly wrong with you. On a typical day you'll find her at the piano playing and singing Disney songs to her husband, Zachary Levi. Also, she is severely directionally challenged and thought the Leaning Tower of Pisa was in France. This is her second year in DeBono and second year doing improv, ever.

Jessica Shryock-
This little lady is a second year member of DeBono, as well as its advertising and optimism officer. She is also a member of the Titanic Player's second year team: On a Stick!  Once on a bus ride, she was called "delightful" by the driver, and she clings to the description. In her free time, she makes money by writing trashy, smutty articles about cheating celebrities and doing crazy nail art. When life ever gets her down, she simply reminds herself that she gets to take Tinkerbell vitamins in the morning and it is all better. 

David Naber-
David Naber is a mere freshman this year, majoring in Computer Science, but is rather uncertain of what he REALLY wants to do with the rest of his life. He hopes this will rub fof soon. He is also a member of the newest Titanic Player's incubator team as well as Engineers Without Borders. He is also an avid fan of theatre, and whenever possible, auditions for shows. David also enjoys a good book, song, movie, or video game. And popcorn. God forbid, if you ever give David a batch of good popcorn, you may very well find yourself a new best friend. 

Terrance Rogers-
Terrance Rogers, the only African American member of DeBono, is simply AWESOME! Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Terrance's love for improv was born out of boredom. After having absolutely no life in high school, he finally decided to join an after school matters improv group and has loved it ever since. Currently a freshman at the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Terrance has no idea what he wants to study. However, being a honorary member of Gryffindor (pottermore certified), being the poster child of "The Hunger Pains: the story of urban struggle", and being an expert on everything Disney, Terrance is AWESOME!

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